The Writer's Desk

Software for Writers

Word processors have come a long way, but don't bridge the gap between docs and the writing process. The writing process is organic and projects do not get finished in a linear timeframe. You want to be able to start with notes and tag them as characters, descriptions, ideas or even chapters. The Writer's Desk is an application for writer's, so much more than a word processor, and outline view (shown below), is just one feature that let's you organize your writing.

Check out our tutorial video over outlining

When writing large documents you want to snapshot points in time and reference (or even roll back to) earlier points in time.

The writing process doesn't start and end with you, and your app shouldn't either. Collaborate with peers, editors and reviewers allowing them to read and comment on writing you've done. When you are auto saving with the Writer's Desk that collaboration will happen in real time.

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